One platform,
for all investment activities

Investime portfolio management software – a broker-independent tool for all investment activities. See the big picture of your investments, regardless of their type.

Suitable for individual investors

Excellent for businesses

Create companies and portfolios

With the Investime portfolio management platform, it's easy to create the entire structure of your investment company, including its subsidiaries and portfolios. You can also customize access rights for each portfolio separately.

Stock (Nasdaq)

Investime includes stock and fund data from over 10 years ago. The software retrieves data for each trading day in advance, so you can see your returns at any desired moment. Get a comprehensive view of your entire investment portfolio's value and its complete performance history all in one display.

Asset classes

You can also input unlisted stocks and other unlisted investment instruments into the service. Managing the values of your own shares is extremely easy within the program.

All transactions

Investime is the place for all the events that occur in investment activities. In Investime, you'll find all the essential functions for events: purchases, sales, exchanges, dividends, and splits.

Portfolio Summary

In the portfolio summary, you can see what you have purchased, when, at what price, and how much your investment has yielded in euros or percentages. At the same time, you can review the performance of each security over different time periods.


You can create reports using various filters. Reports can be exported in Excel and PDF formats. We also provide individual investors with a tax authority-approved 9A tax report.

Investime Oy

Wealth management system

Investime® is a comprehensive portfolio management software (accounting system) developed in Finland and fully owned by a Finnish entity. It’s designed for effective management of investment assets. With Investime, you can manage investments and track stocks and investment funds listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange using our proprietary tools. Our versatile reporting, statistics, distributions, and analyses, coupled with reliable service, are highly valued among investors.

Who is Investime® suitable for?

For those interested in investing

If you've just started investing and are considering which software to use to manage and track your assets, Investime is just right for you.

For investors looking to manage their own stock portfolios in a controlled manner

If you're already an experienced professional in the investment industry, Investime is highly suitable for you. The software allows for very versatile portfolio management, reporting, recording, and more.

For investment industry companies

Investime is suitable for accounting firms, law firms, foundations, and other players in the investment industry, as well as institutional investors who need a platform for portfolio management. We can build essential integrations, such as accounting, into the service.

Investime® has been designed to be as consistent as possible, making it easy to understand and use.

When you follow the age-old principle of buying low and selling high, you will succeed wonderfully. To achieve this, it’s advisable to use signals provided by moving averages for buying and selling, for example. Common sense is not prohibited when making buying and selling decisions. 

The program’s instructions and the “Technical Analysis” page explain what analyses are and how they are used. Boldly try out different options and see what happens. Create a practice portfolio and make virtual purchases and sales in it. With Investime, you can track the development of your practice portfolio as if it were real. You gain valuable experience before investing your assets in actual stocks.

Utilizing Nasdaq exchange data


What do our customers think about the software?

What kind of investor are you?

Investime software can be used by both beginners and professionals. We have created different versions of Investime to provide suitable tools for everyone’s investment needs.


If you haven’t previously invested your assets in stocks or investment funds, but you’re interested in investing, then you’re in the right place. You can create virtual portfolios, record virtual purchases and sales, and track the portfolio’s development. Practice makes perfect, and it’s safer to practice first in a virtual world. Once you’ve grasped the rules of the investment world, experienced successes, but also felt the ruthlessness of its environment, you’ll be ready to invest real money. The greatest journey, however, is the journey to yourself, to your own emotional world. Only by knowing yourself well enough can you succeed as an investor. It’s possible that investing isn’t for you at all; recognizing that is a priceless moment, as long as it happens soon enough, before you’ve lost your wealth. Educate and nurture yourself, be ready for challenges, and be ready to change, honestly and openly, for your own sake.


We have several investment service companies and institutional investors among our clients. Investime manages over billions of investment assets every day. You certainly appreciate a clear view of your investment portfolio’s transactions, both from numerical and visual reports. With a single glance, you can gather a view of your portfolio’s stocks, investment funds, or any securities, even real estate. There are dozens of technical analyses, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Sending reports to clients is easily done via email, directly from the program. You can also export reports to Excel, Word, or wherever you prefer. With Investime, you can see the distributions of your own and your clients’ portfolios, calculate brokers’ and portfolio managers’ fees, and much more. Professionals trust us; you can trust us too.